Roof and Ceiling Insulation Johannesburg

​Insulation Specialist has been working in and around Johannesburg for many years.  We have multiple satisfied customers in Fourways, Sandton,  Parkview and Blairgowrie to name just a few.

Johannesburg Climate

Johannesburg normally receives about 604mm of rain per year, with most rainfall occurring during summer.  It receives the lowest rainfall (0mm) in July and the highest (113mm) in January.  The monthly distribution of average daily maximum temperatures shows that the average midday temperatures for Johannesburg range from 16.6°C in June to 26.2°C in January.  The region is the coldest during July when the mercury drops to 0.8°C on average during the night.

Why install Roof Insulation in Johannesburg.

The variation in Johannesburg temperatures can certainly be lessened by good quality insulation.  The correct roof and ceiling insulation will improve the comfort levels and reduce your electricity and or gas bills

Roof Ceiling Insulation Johannesburg