Roof and Ceiling Insulation Pretoria

The insulation Specialist installs roof and ceiling installation in the Greater Pretoria Area. We have done many installations in Centurion, Irene, Valhalla,Montana and as far out as Hartebeespoort Dam

Pretoria Climate

Pretoria normally receives about 573mm of rain per year, with most rainfall occurring during summer. It receives the lowest rainfall (0mm) in June and the highest (110mm) in January. The monthly distribution of average daily maximum temperatures shows that the average midday temperatures for Pretoria range from 18.3°C in June to 27.5°C in January. The region is the coldest during July when the mercury drops to 1.7°C on average during the night.

Why install Roof Insulation in Pretoria

Many homes in Pretoria and Surroundings certainly benefit from the added comfort  of proper roof insulation as summers can be quite warm and in winter the temperature can drop considerable during the night. Many homes also will benefit by replacing old existing insulation with newer improved roof insulation products. 

Roof Ceiling Insulation Pretoria