Other services provided by the Insulation Specialist

The insulation specialist not only provides and installs roof and ceiling insulation, but we also offer the following services.

We vacuum ceilings

We vacuum ceilings

Are you suffering from hay fever, sinus and other related respiratory problems?

Your roof wants a good vacuum.

We will not treat the condition – we will remove the cause…!

Our speciality is cleaning ceilings and thereby removing all the germs that you are breathing in every day of your life and that -in your very own home! What we do is to loosen up all the dust, then vacuum it out, remove decaying rats, mice, birds and any other foreign objects that we may find there and then spray the ceiling with a sterilizer. We also seal all openings to prevent rodents and birds to get back into your roof.

You will enjoy that clean breathing for at least a year!


We install and repair ceilings.

When your ceiling has deteriorated and needs repair or replacement, we here to assist you…
We do installation of domestic ceilings and cornices, finishing touches and painting of ceilings. We also install a trapdoor in your ceiling if needed or prefer.
We offer a complete service regarding the supply of material, install and/or repair of ceilings, clean-up etc.

We supply Alububble Insulation

AluBubble is a high performance reflective insulation, also known as a radiant barrier, simple to use and cost effective. AluBubble consists of sealed plastic bubbles laminated to an aluminium foil in one side.